Friday, May 30, 2014


Instead of taxing corporations, and while "business developments" like Ballpark Village are being given salex tax "credits" (Ballpark Village gets to keep 17 million dollars worth of sales tax collected), the public is continually being asked to pay for more and more, with less and less say in what the money is used for.

Let's talk about my one of my favorite issues: public toilets.

Going for a weekend vacation 2 hour drive along a highway?  There are rest stops with public toilets. 

Going on a DAILY 2 hour bus trip, one way, to your job?  No public toilets.

The same developers and construction companies are going to get this money, and they are going to get richer.  They will be using that money to fund campaigns of politicians that will support more "transportation projects."

It's not just their fault, though.  It's ours, too.  We should be telling them what to do.  NOT ASKING, TELLING.  It is our money. 

If someone stole $416 from you, you would call the police and report the robbery.  At the minimum, that is what you are giving the government in sales tax every year.  (Assuming all you buy is basic food and necessities at $100 a week for a year, and pay 8 percent on those purchases.)

Call Governor Nixon, Mayor Slay, and your local Alderman and let them know you are AGAINST any further increases to sales tax.

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