Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Oh Metro is in the news again:

There is a good chance that the trash issue is an excuse.  There are a lot of trashy bus stops.  Clayton does provide a decent amount of trash cans.  Shrewsbury not so much, but still moreso than the other places these signs are posted.

But they are mostly on the north side.  News crews only venture north of the "Delmar Divide" for violent crimes and fires and theft.

So this being newsworthy is really only that someone at K-MOV (called the "Evening Whirl" of newscasters by a friend of OPTINSTL's) noticed the signs.

Or maybe they want a good excuse to move these bus stops for another reason?  I would have to actually go to that Clayton location to be certain, but Google Earth confirms this is pricey area.  It's a stop for the "Gold Line", the #1, a Washington University subsidized bus line.

It's been awhile since I've been on the #1, but I suspect it is still a "maid and busboy" route.  That particular bus stop might mostly be maids and busboys, students being more likely to use the Metrolink.

It's probably not just the litter they want out of the area.  It is very vulgar to have one's maid standing out on the street for 30 minutes after her shift, waiting for the bus.  And why should Clayton have to provide a maid with a trash can while she waits for her "proletarian limousine"?

That area in Shrewsbury is really just across the highway from Webster Groves' Old Orchard shopping center.  The #46- a bus line I don't recall ever having ridden- looks like a connection for employees of St. Anthony's Medical center from the Shrewsbury Metrolink.

A trash can placed there would serve only the bus stop patrons, and no one cares about us.  It's not really about trash, it's about whose trash it is.  A public transit rider represents only 22% of the revenue of Metro.  We don't pay for cars or car insurance or gas or vehicle property taxes.

We are only considered worthy of cleaning up other people's trash.

Metro doesn't even consider putting up bus schedules on bus stops, I actually left the trash can and light off the idea and design in this post:

And actually I think trashcans and lighting are the city and towns responsibility.  Street services in every community should be full partners in providing great public transportation.  And the necessary maintenance and facilities required to make riding transit a wonderful--instead of dismal-- experience.

If Metro were truly a public transit agency, gathering meaningful statistics about the transit needs of its' riders, working to develop strong community support with neighborhood liaisons, we would have trash cans at every bus stop.  (They are too busy juggling all their "IOU's".)

Metro doesn't have any control over where bus stops are placed, and they do not think it is important to put trash cans near their bus stops.

Now, if the executives of Metro were required to use public transportation, they would understand why the bus stops in certain areas have a lot of trash around them.  The city and counties are also woefully negligent on the need for more trash cans.  Especially in low income areas.

But no one with any power is ever on the streets in poor neighborhoods.  Or they would see lots of "trashy" bus stops.  I have eaten my daily meals at many bus stops.  If it takes two or three hours to get somewhere, and then work, and then two or three hours home (and sometimes even just a one hour ride), yes you are going to eat and drink at the bus stop.

A lot of people in this city litter.  It would be nice if everyone carried their trash around with them, too. But I don't think the city should expect that, and further, it would be nice if they took the lead on this issue.

A trash can says "it is important to us that you do not litter."  If there are waste cans at these stops and they aren't being used, that is another issue.   But even without travelling to these stops first hand, it seems pretty likely there aren't any provided.

Once again, Public Transit Rider, Metro has left you with their waste.

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