Tuesday, July 1, 2014


It's a funny strike, to not ride the bus.  Instead of a big group of people in one location, it is a lot of people staying home or getting a ride.

The revolution may not be televised, but it will be "telephoned".

Even after today, don't stop calling Metro.  If we don't demand change, they won't volunteer it.  Between the fat cat executives, protecting their own salaries and bonuses (paid for with public tax money and rider fares), and the pencil pushers that just want to keep their jobs, there is no one at Metro, or any government agency or council, that is looking out for the rider.

They are robbing us blind, but we are letting them rob us.  Until we demand change and make our voices impossible to ignore, business will continue as usual.

They will keep putting in "landscaping" at transfer centers, instead of building toilet facilities.  Fares will increase every two years automatically, even though the fare increases do little more than offset the $5 million they spend in "contributions to outside entities" (political campaign contributions), and won't even make a dent in the $26 million a year interest on their debts.

Rider fares only supply $72 million of their $350 million a operating budget, but they will milk us for every red cent they can get.  (Of course, they won't take our pennies anymore.  When they did have extra money they spent it on new fare boxes.  Did that help their riders?  No.  They were just sick of pennies.  So what if many of their riders have to scrape up change to get their fares?  Metro is not about making things better for their customers.)

July 4th is the last day of the World Wide Wave of Action.  Today, whether you strike or not, and through the end of the week, do something revolutionary.  Right now the economy and world situation is so bad that to change things for yourself requires as much, if not more, energy than to change things for everyone. 

If we all "phoned in" the revolution-- made one more call to Metro or city officials, or signed one more petition-- every week, we would not need to resort to the large demonstrations and marches in the streets.

Like the bus strike, the "phone in revolution" is about individual enlightenment and action.  It is about creating a culture of leaders, that dictate the government and public agencies, instead of the other way around.

Instead of a Paul Revere, riding through the streets, waking up the people, this Fourth of July, awaken yourself to your own power, AND THEN USE IT.

A whole new world is waiting to be born, it begins with you.

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