Tuesday, August 12, 2014


EDIT: Here are some petitions you can sign immediately:
Petition by Rachael Cailliach
To be delivered to The Missouri State House, The Missouri State Senate, and Governor Jay Nixon
In the State of Missouri require all uniformed police to wear functioning audio and video recording devices when on duty.


Make All Missouri Law Enforcement Officers Wear Cameras
Petition by Eric Person
To be delivered to The Missouri State House, The Missouri State Senate, and Governor Jay Nixon

WE PETITION THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION TO: Mike Brown Law. Requires all state, county, and local police to wear a camera.

Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate the Murder of Michael Brown
Petition by Jamilah Nasheed
To be delivered to Robert P. McCulloch, St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney

End Milltarization of Police

Here are some important articles about what is happening in the events surrounding the Brown case and protests.  Please read!  Remember, IDEAS ARE BULLETPROOF:





Their is a violent and dangerous gang terrorizing poor and “minority” communities. Michael Brown is just the most recent fatality. This gang is armed with guns and billy clubs. They have the right to detain citizens and to seize private property (“asset seizure”). That is too much power for any individual to possess without public accountability. Gang Police too often confuses enforcing the law with being the law itself. Crime has been decreasing, but police brutality has increased. Gang Police is becoming increasingly militarized.

Gang “Police” serves and protects private property to such an extent that unarmed thieves in the possession of a stolen $1 cigarillo can be shot dead. Or children walking in the street that contest an order to “Get the F**k on the sidewalk.”

We, The People, pay the salaries of Gang Police. We pay for their cars, their weapons, their jails. We pay for the lawyers and judges. The more crime a city has, the wealthier the people that work in and benefit from the legal system.

TIME FOR CHANGE. Real change. When people get angry enough they will loot and riot. Too many men have died in the street from the actions of this gang. Looting is not the answer, but it is the only reason this case is getting national attention. Without the riot, there would not be an FBI investigation. Al Sharpton would not be at the Old Courthouse. Looting is not the answer, but it is the only threat that Gang Police and their Overlords take seriously. They are a violent Gang, and the only respond to violence and upheaval.

What we really need, though, is to become angry enough to demand real change, and to continue working for it after the fires have been put out, the protest marches and press conferences have ended, and the investigations are over. Something good can come of this tragedy, if We, The People demand it, and keep demanding it, long after our tempers have cooled.

WE, THE PEOPLE, MUST BEGIN TO “POLICE THE POLICE”! They have the power to monitor us, to investigate us, and we must demand the right to monitor and investigate them! We have the right to full accountability for everything that they do! We must demand complete police transparency!

1) We must require all police to wear helmet cameras (or special glasses with cameras) at all times. Not dashboard cameras. Not just recording traffic stops and dispatch responses, their entire shift must be recorded. We are paying their salaries. We have the right to know what and how they are doing their jobs.

2) Photographs, bio's, and badge numbers must be posted on Police Department websites, along with regularly update schedules. We should be able to go to the Ferguson P.D. website and look up exactly who was on duty when Michael Brown was shot. The department should not be able to hide this Gang member behind the fear of death threats. Gang Police poses a potential death threat for every citizen they encounter. Maybe if the Gang Police Member (“officer”) that shot Michael Brown had known that his picture and name was posted for all citizens to see, he would have behaved differently. Maybe Michael Brown would be at college instead of the morgue.

3) Every citizen should have the right to have a civilian witness present at ANY interaction with a Gang Police member. Every community should have paid Legal Observers standing by at all times.

4) Police should be required to hold “meet and greets” at least once a month, along with Town Hall type meetings for people make suggestions, air grievances, and give feedback on officer's performances in their communities.

Occupy Public Transportation in St. Louis (OPTINSTL) is researching how to create a petition for the above demands, but we can start by calling or writing all of our local representatives and police departments and demanding the changes listed above. And anyone can start a petition. We need a lot of petitions and signatures to make our voices heard and get the changes we need. Two sites OPTINSTL has found:

Please print and share this leaflet if you agree. OPTINSTL@GMAIL.COM optinstl.blogspot.com

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