Monday, August 25, 2014


During the protests concerning Michael Brown's murder, the people that really got left behind in the dust were public transit riders.  And I don't just mean the ridiculous re-routing of the #74 West Florissant bus. There was no reason for re-routing that the bus.  Even with the illegal road blocks and checkpoints that the Police instituted, public transit is carrying pedestrians.  Making anyone that lived along West Florissant walk a mile or more was WRONG WRONG WRONG.

IF ONLY Metro were about public transit, and they had someone "on board" in the executive offices that could have gone to bat for their customers.  And not just Metro, but the smaller transit agencies, too.  Thank you, KMOV, for picking up the slack and responding to the needs of the transit dependent public:

In smaller towns it is often the Parks And Recreation department that runs excursion and para-transit service.  Since these relatively small fleets, and either only for recreational purposes, the people that really need them-- as in the KMOV story linked to above-- are often completely overlooked.  And there is generally no one to hold accountable for failure of service. 

I wonder how many people in the St. Louis region know what it is like to be sick or disabled, and unable to afford a taxi, and to have no recourse when public transit fails?  How I wish we had more broad-minded, empathetic, caring leaders and representatives, that truly wanted to change St. Louis for everyone-- and NOT just the people that vote for them or contribute campaign funds.

As I said in my previous posts about the police and Ferguson City Council** --and their violation of Constitutional Law, and response to the protestors which was solely dictated by making their own jobs easier-- they all need to be fired and replaced.  Along with all the people whose salaries are paid for by public transit funding. 

Public Transit isn't even mentioned in the St. Louis County Emergency Plan.

Because OPTINSTL chose to align with Occupy, some people think I mean "occupy the bus and ride it for free, or direct the routes".  I don't.  But maybe during the next set of protests we SHOULD Occupy the buses and trains for real.  Maybe it is time to hijack public transit. 

I'd trust any of the protestors (and no, not the same as the very few people looting, protesting and looting are not the same) to do a better job of directing public transit than any of the people currently in charge.  Ridiculous. 



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