Thursday, September 4, 2014


Lame duck Dooley accepted all the blame for the Ferguson chaos.

Well, someone else's problem now.

Too bad he wasn't on the side of the people sooner.  What about Metro and Prop A?  C'mon Dooley, as the old song says "why don't you do right/ give me some money too."

Do something that will matter in your last few months of office.  Give us the truth about Metro and what they are doing with their money, and what happened to Prop A, and, oh yeah, that 3 or 4 year long 40 million dollar lawsuit from the Shrewsbury line, and the cuts to service in 2009? 

One interesting thing, Stenger-- backed by McCulloch-- defeated Dooley in the primary with the charge "10 years in long enough."

Well, Bob "Bubba" McCulloch, 23 years and running unopposed AGAIN in November.  THAT is long enough.

Write in Michael Brown on the ballot and vote for him instead of McCulloch.  It won't change anything, but it will send a nice message.

And I SERIOUSLY hope that the ENTIRE eligible African American population will vote on November 4th.  Vote for everything.  With a city that is 49.5 African American and with most north county municipalities 60% or more African American, a 100% voter turnout will create a more serious fright in the Old White Boy Network (actually, the entire political and economic infrastructure) than burning down ten Quik Trips.

Seriously.  See you at the polls, black (actually ALL of) St. Louis, PLEASE!

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