Friday, September 5, 2014


Not just "vote for Mike",--meaning get to the polls and get involved in the process-- to make changes to St. Louis leadership, and get rid of the Ole White Boy Network.

Not just to flex the only political muscle We The People seem to have in the political process anymore.

Not just to demonstrate what can happen when the African-American population-- or any population-- actually turns out at the polls in numbers higher than the usual 10-20%.

I mean VOTE FOR MICHAEL BROWN, JR. as a write-in candidate against St. Louis Prosecuting Attorney Robert McCulloch. He's running unopposed.  Again.  And honestly, it's not the kind of job that a human being with a heart wants, so it's no surprise that someone like McCulloch has had the job for 23 years.

(And as I mentioned in my last post about Dooley, it is ironic that McCulloch backed Steve Stenger against Dooley in the primaries, and Stenger ran on the campaign that "10 years is long enough" for Dooley to be County Executive.  HAHAHA.)

John Lennon famously said that those in power "can't handle non-violence and humor."  St. Louis Police have shown time and again that they have no problem gunning down unarmed black men.  St. Louis "Powers That Be" amply demonstrated during the protests that they have no problems tear-gassing their citizens and violating our First Amendment Rights.

Lennon was right.  They are ready for violence.  It's THEIR game.  It's the only thing they really have.  Without guns to shove in our faces, or the threat of guns, they got nothing.  And a pacifist is as willing to die for his/her beliefs as much as an armed soldier, a pacifist is just not willing to KILL for his/her beliefs.  Which of the two is more courageous? 

A massive write-in campaign for Michael Brown, Jr. --- especially if he got more votes than McCulloch-- would be humor, albeit very tragic humor, considering the promise Brown had already shown in his all too brief life.  (As I have said before, for a black kid to graduate from Normandy and get accepted to Vatterott shows more initiative and ambition than any kid from a "nice' neighborhood with good schools getting into Wash. U.)

And it would scare the living daylights out of most elected officials.  They act like they want you to vote.  But what they really want is for only those that truly support the system as it is, and take it seriously, to vote.

NO ONE has made a bigger mockery and sham of voting and the political process than our politicians.
Just two examples:

They don't want a lot of voters they have to answer to.  Especially voters that aren't making huge donations to their campaigns.  They don't want to actually have to SERVE the public.  They want you to keep quiet and keep shuffling back and forth from your job to your television or your sports, or ANYTHING.

Just not be out voting, and certainly not mocking them with your vote.

To write in Brown's name you will probably have to ask for paper ballot or vote absentee.  And I will have to check if there is some Draconian rule in place that will nullify the rest of your ballot for writing in the name of a dead man (I don't think they legally can, but I will check).  But for a lot of people, probably MOST people, the majority of the stuff on the ballot is meaningless, anyhow.

And for those who are afraid they may be put on a "government list" or something, newsflash, you are probably already on a list.  And even if you aren't, you are already being spied on.  You are already under surveillance.  And if you are an African American man, you already face "Death by Police" or imprisonment for being black.

And if you are one of those 2nd Amendment supporters that says "I will fight to death to keep my guns against a government dictatorship" why wait?  Why not fight the dictatorship now?  No gun could ever send the message that a massive voter turnout would send, especially with a strong write in response. Guns are not bulletproof, but ideas are.

After voting, I strongly suggest contacting the St. Louis Post Dispatch and St. Louis American, and telling them you wrote in Brown's name, so that if the Board of Election Commissioners doesn't report it, the media will keep them honest.  Also, on the 5th or 6th, call the Board of Election Commissioners and ask them if your vote was tallied. ( If you are joining the revolution on 5th, make this your first call.)

If your voter registration isn't current or you aren't registered, I hope you will register by September 23, 2014, and I strongly suggest you vote absentee, and get those votes for Mike in early.

I can't think of a better honor than for Mike Brown, Jr. to get more votes than McCulloch, or even as many votes.  If you think it is disrespectful to vote for Brown for other reasons, than write in Ron Johnson's name.  Or Dorian Johnson.  Or Chris Koster (the MO AG, that along with Antonio French and Jamilah Nasheed, has proven himself during the events in Ferguson to be one of the few "good" political leaders.  Koster is also qualified for McCulloch's job.)  Or vote for Tupac Shakur, or John Lennon, or yourself.

The chance that McCulloch is going to conduct this investigation fairly is a mockery in and of itself.  And if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.  Mock them back!

On November 4, 2014 vote for Mike Brown, Jr. (or anyone other than McCulloch) as St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney.

Most importantly, VOTE!!

Then, on November 5th, join the revolution.


  1. Just an FYI. Every write-in you write in, unless they've filed a "letter of intent" with the local election authority (by the 2nd Friday prior to the Nov 5th election), the vote will be a null vote. You're just wasting your time, unless you can get an official write-in who also qualifies for the position, and since Mike Brown, Jr. Isn't already on the ballot, he is deceased, that's a lost cause as well. It's impossible for him to be posthumously elected, no matter what. Good luck.

  2. I think that is pretty clear. McCulloch is running unopposed. I'm sorry you didn't understand that, or the heading on the blog, and there are also two other posts about voting for Brown as a write in. It's to send a message. To better understand voting in the USA, and why the write in is such an awesome freedom, try this post