Wednesday, March 18, 2015


First, I apologize for my absence.  I am working on another project and for my own sanity had to withdraw from the on-line world.  And all of the investigations regarding Ferguson are stirring up the local power structure, and this will effect Bi-State/Metro.   (The next impending financial crisis will likely be a repeat of 08, but with muni and other government bonds, instead of mortgages.  So there's that, too.)

However, here in Riverview things have been getting really weird.  Drones flying overhead during the day and late at night, cars getting dumped, expensive vehicles with heavy tints on the windows, and unfamiliar white people cruising around.) Yesterday was especially strange. 

Only one channel reported the shooting.  Here is the link and the message I sent to KPLR about it. 

I plan to be back on line in mid-June.  If you are in St. Louis, keep your eyes open.  A lot of hidden things are coming to light.  Those that aren't Ferguson or local P.D. related are being ignored or overlooked.  (And remember, as you read this, that Bi-State runs the airport in Cahokia.  Heroin is not coming to St. Louis on private planes and yachts of inner-city gangs.  Urban gangs to don't run the river ports.)


I live here and I heard the shots.  I live near Northgate and Chambers.  At the same time this was occurring there were a number of emergency vehicles at the end of Chambers, where it dead ends passed SE Chambers Rd.  This part of Chambers is expensive homes.  The police blocked off SE Chambers and Chambers and there were ambulance and many different muni police cars and K-9 units there, too.  For this reason I assumed the shots came from that direction (sound carries here very strange, perhaps because of all the hills and valleys, I don't know). 

It would be nice if someone would start asking how poor urban black youth are able to get such a huge amount of heroin into the city, and how these alleged gang wars and shootings are funded.   I wish someone would look into the coincidence of the ATF sting operations since 2010 and the increase in shootings attributed to local gangs.  I wish someone would look into how the ports are handled here, and the history of illegal smuggling on the Mississippi river. 

Globally, it might be nice if someone looked into opium production in Afghanistan, and how it rises and falls with US involvement (rises when the US is control, falls when the US loses control). 

The investigations in Ferguson are disrupting secret power structures here that have been in place, undisturbed, for decades.  If you reject the story that this is all gang warfare and start really looking, a very different story begins to emerge.  Inept public officials, poverty imprisoned, angry, urban youth, and local drug dealers are a mask for a corrupt core of people who have used St Louis air and river ports for decades for their own dirty business.  The trail of violence and drugs leads out of the ghetto, not further into it.

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