Sunday, October 19, 2014


Other than entrap people???

In case you missed it, there was a shooting on October 17th at the apartments behind Heal STL and also the Hands Up United offices on West Florissant, in Ferguson. 

Wondering if Friday's Ferguson shooting is related to the shooting in the same apartments on October 8th?

Turns out the ATF has been here for 2 years, stirring things up.

As the first two links make clear, the ATF is another law enforcement agency that creates crime. And they probably set off a lot of internal wars, once a gang member or criminal network gets whiff of either the agents, or the fact that someone new is cutting in on their territory.

Maybe another reason (in addition to financial instability, greater poverty, cuts to services, and an increase in heroin) for this years spikes in seemly random and unrelated violence is the ATF's presence?

I was spurred to look for signs of another global financial crisis waiting in the wings when the random violence began this spring, and it occurred to me that a rise in violence had preceded it. (Still willing to concede this is a coincidence, but I don't think so.)

I wonder if the truly "ruling" members of the Ruling Classes unleash the dogs (agency crackdowns)when they know that something is coming, in an attempt to create enough fear for a clampdown when the real shit--i.e., global financial collapse-- is pending?

This is something that a few years ago I would have thought was a conspiracy theory.  There was ATF activity in St. Louis also, preceding the 08 meltdown, and accompanying the increase in violence. Again, this could be coincidence. 

In 2006 a Washington University graduate was named Chief of Staff:

Here is the ATF in Jennings in 2007:

Arrest in Florissant in 2007:

Okay and WARNING this blog has reprints of two article about ATF at Rutledge Flea Market, but it is a blog by a White Supremacist that thinks all gun laws are devised to get "Guns out of white men's hands" etc.  (The local racist HQ seems to be Kirksville. I think I can live without eating at that bread throwing restaurant.)

An 08 Methamphetemine arrest in Springfield:

Two other finds, not wholly unrelated, this first one explains why so many people do not trust the DOJ at all:

And this one, about how the ATF signs off on permits, from a pro-gun site, talking about certain law enforcement people that are lenient, because "anyone that jumps through many hoops must be a good guy" or something equally silly.

And just FYI and/or reminder, there were NO homicides in Ferguson until Michael Brown.  And the two subsequent homicides, and other shootings, have NOT been related to the protesters or protests, unless you count the police firing at unarmed people.

There has been plenty of violence in Saint Louis this year before August 9th.  And things were bad in 2007 as well.  Time to re-think the whole narrative about what is really going on North St. Louis city and North County.  Saint Louis is not at all what it seems. 

I am not against law enforcement truly protecting the public from crime, guns and etc.  But we have to be able to trust these agencies, and if they operate on the principle that all black people in the hood are terrorists, and go out of their way to encourage people to commit crimes in order to arrest them, we have a problem.

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