Friday, October 3, 2014


We live in a fascist state called St. Louis.12 people out of a group of 20 were arrested tonight. 12 people that have had their voices and rights ignored, have been tear gassed, threatened, harassed, kidnapped and held hostage (these arrests and detainments are not legal- it IS kidnapping and holding hostage).

Tonight they said that "speech that incites violence" is illegal. Does that mean if the protesters say something that incites the police to violence, the protesters are to blame? Why didn't this apply to Westboro Baptist Church, or Cliven Bundy (who was armed)?

They have doubled the bonds and are holding the 12 for 24 hours.  The legal people were told to call Devin James, the PR spokesperson as to why and how the police were able to do this legally.

Is this really the world you want to live in? What if Mike Brown had been your child? What if something happened in your community that brought large groups of people demanding change?  No one was looting, no one was armed.  The protesters weren't a large crowd tonight and there were no drums, no one was sitting in the street.

They were doing less than last night, and the Ferguson PD sent out congratulatory tweet to themselves and other departments.  According to them, it was the massive police presence, not that they had no real grounds for any arrests, and too many people present and filming to arrest anyone.

The police have been attacking leaders and livestreamers since last Thursday when they were caught in a huge lie.  They said the protesters "attacked" Chief Jackson.  Only a few officers had their body cams and only one was recording.  They said they had it on tape, but livestreamers and photos proved the police to be liars.

Tonight they arrested a journalist who was filming.  I think they didn't know she was a journalist.  I think they just a camera. But let's not forget they arrested a reverend two nights ago and locked him in a paddy wagon with bloodstains on the ceiling.

This is not just police called out to monitor protesters, THE FERGUSON POLICE DEPARTMENT IS WHO WE ARE PROTESTING AGAINST.  These cops are wearing bracelets that say I AM DARREN WILSON, on duty or off, that is who they are.

For this reason alone we need a Department of Justice (DOJ) observer AT ALL TIMES.

If this violation of your Constitutional rights enrages you call the Department of Justice, the Ferguson PD, and your state and local elected officials. These cops will not change on their own. And if we don't start demanding our rights we will have none left soon. All of us.

Don't wait. Do it now.

Department of Justice 1-855-856-2132 toll free

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