Friday, October 17, 2014


There is no such thing as a "job creator".  A job creator is really a "profit creator".  Profit for a few from the labor of many. Many of the "jobs" that make people rich -- being a CEO or investor-- add no value to our world or our economy.

There is plenty of work, SO MUCH that needs to be done, but not enough jobs.  There is so much abundance, SO MUCH that is produced everyday, that goes to waste NOT because it isn't needed, but because it cannot be SOLD FOR PROFIT.

They tell us immigrants are stealing our jobs, that welfare is ruining the economy, but the moment a "job creator" figures out a way to move jobs somewhere with lower wages, they do.

They don't care about us.  They don't care about anyone but themselves.  They don't care about people starving or dying from diseases.  There is never enough for what we really need, and always plenty of excuses for things we don't need- like war.

The "job creators" need us a lot more then we need them. 

Please, on November the 5th, DON'T BUY ANYTHING. DON'T GO TO WORK. DON'T GO TO SCHOOL.

FOR ONE DAY, withhold your labor and your consumption.

Instead, stay home and call every government official that represents you, from local to national, and tell them what you want from your government: better schools, worker's rights, healthcare, etc.  When you are done, start calling the big corporations that are draining us of our livelihoods and demand they end their unfair and unsafe practices.

The Anonymous Million Mask March is happening that day, and I've heard it will be in Ferguson. But other than getting yourself to the march, don't participate in this giant scam called Capitalism.

They say that we need them.  SHOW THEM that they need us.

(EDIT: not saying quit your job or never buy anything again, I'm saying PUT THE RULING CLASS ON NOTICE.  They say they "create" their wealth "all by themselves"? Really? This is Missouri, so SHOW ME how you get rich without labour or control of natural resources.  Just for one day. Take a vacation day, call in sick, etc.)

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