Monday, March 14, 2016


EDIT 17 April 2016: This accident is now a fatality.

I missed this in the news on March 6 and it does not appear to be widely reported.  A man was struck by a train and his foot was severed and neck broken after a train ran over him at Swansea.

I keep checking the dates on these stories.  It's not on any other news stations that I could find, and it isn't on Metro's Blog.  In the old days, every news story contained the details of what happened- when, where, etc.  Is this some new development in an old accident case?  Or did this just happen on March 6th? These are the only two stories I could find: 

KMOV video is freezing my computer, so I will try to watch later and see if the video segments have more details. 

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