Sunday, March 13, 2016


I thought there was already a blog post with this title, and I was looking for it to add a few links. 

So here is the gist of what I thought I'd already posted:

Metro and Bi State need to be separated.  Metro carries the dinky little  Bi-State Development Agency (the airport, arch trams and parking, etc).  Metro needs to be run by people that have experience in Metro- in particular former drivers.  John Nations has ridden the bus a few times as publicity stunt.  A Metro executive told me that it wasn't feasible for someone like John Nations to commute from Chesterfield to Metro (via the Olive bus and the Metrolink).  Why?  Public transit in St. Louis is too slow.

The CEO appointment is to groom political careers.  John Nations wants to be governor.  Nations is famous for telling his drivers during negotiations that "As soon as I become Governor I'm changing Missouri to a Right To Work state and elimination the unions."

He gave himself a raise a while back.  For $325K a year heading an agency where ALL monies are public- $350 million a year in government subsidies and grants, and rider fares- he can't ride his own transit 4 hours a day to get to and from work?

The people that work in minimum wage job in Chesterfield and live downtown do.

Metro's drivers went 6 years without a contract.  If you don't know about this please take a look:

From 2013: 

2014 "oreo" incident:

"Rally for Respect" 2014

Page 5 of the doc, from the Union's magazine:

Health care and pensions secure:

Don't forget that Metro is raising fares again this July.  They need $5 million, the same amount of money they spend every year in "contributions to outside entities".  This is usually political campaign contributions.  By appointing CEO, the governor guarantees a contribution to his campaign.  Call Metro if you think this is wrong.  Call them and demand an explanation.  Call them and demand the CEO salary be lowered - not to the $250K he received before, but 1/2 that- $125K.  Demand the CEO ride public transit at least once a week.

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