Sunday, March 13, 2016


Couldn't find any local reporting on this.  It was "Drumpfed", I guess.  The orange-faced Amerikkkan Hitler got all the news this weekend.

I haven't been there yet, but will check it out tomorrow.  I hope those restrooms are really "public".  At Riverview the toilets are operated by the privately owned snack shop.  (Which means it is only open when they are open and you have to get a key- or at least you did last time I used it, which was actually about 2 years ago.  Will check that out this week, too.)

Also, they need to put in sidewalks all the way along Pershall.  The construction has made the already dangerous walk on Pershall between West Florissant and New Halls Ferry a nightmare.  Especially at night.

At least we have a train up here now.  EDIT: Please see this post:

As for John Nations comments that "five years ago we identified" etc... Stop patting yourself on the back.  North City and County are the most transit dependent areas you service and you don't deserve congratulations for figuring that out. Your own data proves that.  And that new Cortex Metrolink stop is a big waste of money, rivalled only by the St. Charles turned to Shrewsbury extension that bankrupted the Agency in 2010.

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