Wednesday, March 23, 2016


This one in Richmond Heights.  All of this violence will serve to get Metro more cops and that won't do anything to solve the actual problems.  People in power are not going to do anything that inconveniences them or takes time away from checking their Instagram accounts at work. 

There are too many guns, too many drugs, and too many kids that don't think they have a future.  Schools, jobs, economic development that does more than line the same pockets decade after decade. 

I sound like a broken record even to myself.  The answers for change remain the same.  The county should take that Crestwood Plaza redevelopment money and put it into after-school programs.  No matter how many Starbucks you put in a neighbourhood, if people don't have jobs it is not going to "boost" the economy. The money for more cops needs to go to community relations.  Someone needs to start asking the young people what the solutions are and what these kids need.

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