Monday, April 14, 2014


I'm almost fifty years old, and the Cardinals have played baseball every year that I have been alive.

That means there has been heavy traffic downtown after a game, every year that I have been alive.

On Saturday the number 40 bus was so far behind schedule because of the game that, according to a guy that had been waiting, the bus was an hour and a half late.

I was waiting at Grand and North Broadway, having gotten off the Grand bus, at 5:15.  The bus was scheduled to come at 5:26 according to the trip finder.

It showed up about 5:50.  There was a man that had been waiting since 4:15, and a lady with two little boys waiting for the southbound 40 (I was waiting for the northbound 40) that ended up taking the Grand bus because at least she could get close to her house.

So, Metro, after how many years of buses downtown after a Cards game, you still can't figure out that you need to re-route the buses?

And seriously, you couldn't have some sort of recorded message (not just email alerts-- again, not everyone has data on their cell phone plans) on the customer service line when buses are stuck in traffic or MIA?

At least the 40, when it finally came, was the cleanest, newest bus I have ever been on.  Not a bed bug or anything else in sight.

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