Monday, April 28, 2014


The more I look into the Shrewsbury Metrolink extension, the more I want to see EVERY SINGLE Metro financial transaction.

I didn't live here then, but there is SUCH an obvious link between this fiasco and the Metro financial crisis in 2009 that resulted in 24 bus lines being shut down and a 30% reduction in services.

Look at this audit:
(This is the report, I think, that Salci tried to block McCaskill from conducting.)

Please, public transit rider, read this article.  It is VERY revealing about how Metro does it's dirty business.

Here's a few more:

We are "clowns" as the former Metro CEO says, for letting guys like him run our transit agency:

If further investigation leads me to conclude that all the scandal directed at Dooley's office comes from Salci I will rescind my accusations:

OH WOW, and this one on Salci-- just WOW, what an a**hole!:

From the article:
In August 2004, in a move transit officials call unprecedented, he fired and sued the Cross County Collaborative, a group of four firms charged with designing the 8.2-mile MetroLink extension that will connect Forest Park and Shrewsbury by way of Clayton. The CCC countersued Metro three months later.
Then, earlier this year, Salci raised eyebrows by recommending that Metro refuse an audit requested by state auditor Claire McCaskill. Salci said it would jeopardize the agency's lawsuit. Salci lost the skirmish, and Missouri auditors are expected this week to begin a year-long financial audit to determine why cost overruns on the $550 million MetroLink project might total $126 million. The completion date for the new line was scheduled for May but has been pushed back to the fall of 2006.

Should have known he worked for Gephardt before Metro!
No more of these fancy businessmen and politcians as Metro CEOs!

Don't use this man's consulting services, EVER!

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