Thursday, April 10, 2014


Metro needs more toilets:

I think I have already covered that a lot of money could be freed up if the executive salaries were cut.  And if funds were publicly audited and if Metro got out "business development".

All that aside, it does not appear that anyone at Metro has ever done feasibility studies to see what the costs would actually be.  And if they did do a study, it seems likely it would conducted using the same tired, ineffective (and possibly blatantly corrupt) models it uses for determining all of its projects.

First of all, not only could their be a small charge for using the restrooms, they could plug in "sanitary facilities" payments into the passes.  Especially the new debit card type passes.  And single "sanitary facilities" purchases attached to passes sold at Metrolink stations.

Further, vending machines, located outside the facilities, could sell toilet tissue, wipes, toilet seat covers, anti-bacterial wipes for toilet seats and door handles, tampons, etc.  I say outside because it would discourage theft.  Whatever privacy issues people have they would overcome, or learn to bring their own.

The city and counties could be encouraged to pitch in.  St. Louis would be well-served to install public toilets in more neighborhoods.  I haven't seen this in many U.S. cities, but I did in Europe.  (Many Los Angeles Metro stations have pay toilets.  Without the pay vending machines on the outside.)

As for attendants, I think two part-time employee with two stops a day could manage it.  Especially if security checked the condition and stock every few hours.

Going to the toilet is a basic human necessity.  I find it shocking that an advanced country does not address this.


Overall public health would improve.

And tourism.  "St. Louis has a great public transit system WITH PLENTY OF TOILETS!"

Metro, can't you even try?  Haven't you even bothered to investigate this- one of the top complaints of your most frequent customers?

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