Thursday, March 27, 2014


Metro says they love feedback, but they don't make themselves accessible to the public.

These "hearings" seem designed to be inconvenient to their riders.  Unless you are in the neighborhood, or somewhere right on the train line, and have time off during the week at lunch or during rush hour, you probably won't go.

If they really want responses to their "Fare Increase Options" they should bring those things to the riders.  If they had set up at a metrolink or bus transfer center they would have gotten many more responses.  They could have talked to their customers.  Gotten real feedback.

I don't work for Metro, and I am out handing out flyers, and I have heard so many stories today.  I had one twenty minute wait time between transfers and one 25 minute wait time between buses, and I talked to fifty people.  That is twenty more than I saw show up for the whole 2 hour period at the Metro Fare Increase Hearing at City Hall, and in less time.

They also could have had representatives ride the buses and trains and hand out those surveys.

Metro, your actions speak louder than all those fancy words and fluffy statistics on your website.

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