Monday, March 24, 2014


According to page 16 of this document (see link below) on the Metro Website:

Throughout 2009, the Metro Transit System faced several major challenges in maintaining consistent quality and levels of service. Escalating budget constraints forced Metro to make severe reductions:
32 percent of MetroBus, 23 percent of MetroLink, and 30 percent of Call-A-Ride service was cut throughout the entire St. Louis area. In August 2009, a $12 million special appropriation by the State of Missouri partially restored bus service to the Metro Transit System.  These reductions have negatively impacted ridership and the system’s overall geographic coverage.

WHY?  As with all their "statements" this one is not backed by any substantial information on what caused this crisis.  WHAT ARE THEY DOING WITH THEIR MONEY?

In 1989 they did a big government survey and came up with a "20 year Plan".  The document the above information comes from is part of their NEW 30 YEAR PLAN.

Since they failed to do what they said they would do in 20 years (and failed to predict or foresee how the 2008 economic "crash" in U.S. would effect them-- because a 20 year plan is rarely flexible and only updated when crisis) they now want us to back a new plan?  That runs for 30 years?

Have all the people that were involved in the 1989 plan fired?  Because that was former Mayor Vince Schoemehl's watch, and he is still on the Metro Board.  The 1989-2009 crew has proved their ineptitude and/or corruption.  They need to be removed from Metro.

Wouldn't inflation and an economic crisis result in MORE riders?  

From 2004-2008 Metro's own website claims that there were consistent increases in ridership.  So why didn't that make up for lost revenue?  Why did they need that 12 Million grant from the government?

And if bus service is supposedly restored, why isn't it better?

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