Sunday, March 30, 2014


Metro doesn't get to decide where bus stops should go, the city and counties do, which is why the bus stop at Page and Lindbergh for the #94 let's you off in the middle of a cloverleaf, or why there is bus stop in front of the crosswalk in the Delmar Loop.

But there is a lot more that Metro could do.  In large parts of the county there are no sidewalks, and in the city the sidewalks are often in really bad repair.  And in any part of the city, in the winter when it snows, the snowplows push everything on to the sidewalks.

There are a lot of bus stops that are downright dangerous.  Especially for handicapped people and families with small children.  There is a stop in the College Hill area where people have to walk under an overpass, with no sidewalks and just a dirt patch.  The ground is littered with broken glass.  There are almost no businesses nearby (just big industrial patches). 

And all over the city and county, there are no schedules or routes posted.  No fare information.  I was told that this was "too expensive" (although it appears no feasibility studies have been done to determine just what the cost would be) and that people would "steal the bus schedules".

Well, if there were a schedule at every stop, why would you need to steal one?

Here is my plan (and please feel free to laugh hysterically at my child-like drawing done in MS Paint-- I tried to get that pencil tool to go straight, to no avail, LOL!):

Two sheets of heavy acrylic, with the appropriate sized holes to bolt the acrylic to the metal post, just as the bus stop sign is attached.  Across the top would be a heavy plastic seam that fits across the sheets to keep moisture out.  In between the sheets the bus schedule and route --just the same ones that are already printed and available, with a note on what the closest stop on the schedule was to the stop the person was at.

How hard would this be? Please let me know, Metro.  If you worked to make this part of your "Planning and System Development" you would could use those funds, instead of monies to "improve existing services", which you have already admitted you don't have.

Come on, Metro.  Do something for your people that will matter! 

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